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Saturday 22 November 2008

15×100 Member Profile: Rogério Freitas

Why do you take pictures?
For the pleasure of using photographic language.

What has impacted your visual style?
Art in general.

How did you learn to see?
In a natural way, observing… making mistakes and learning with them, so….. I´m still learning.

In your world is photography mechanical or philosophical?
Emotional and instinctive.

What do you hope people walk away from your work with?
With the feeling that these images do also belong to them, making part of their own imaginary.

What is your favorite 15×100 image?
I am not going to make a choice, but if I did I am sure that I would have no difficulty choosing one image from each member of 15×100.

Who is your favorite 15×100 photographer? Why?
I am not interested in choosing a favorite photographer. I’m only interested in their work and vision.

How did you select your 15 images?
With difficulty and impatience.

What guides you?
Curiosity and my heart beat.

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